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Señor Chuy Garcia race not just about Chicago #VoteChuyGarcia #fox32debate #IMWITHCHUY

What’s the background on Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago runoff? Why are so many Democrats unhappy with a Democrat? In 2013, I wrote about his cozy relationship with billionaires in the post Bloomberg and Rahmbo: Sleight of Hand Artists. The reality of Rahm sponsored school closures in School Closure and Race Infographic: Something fishy going on in Chicago? and Mouth agape: What the data tell us

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School Closure and Race Infographic: Something fishy going on in Chicago?

As discussed in an earlier post, I travelled last week to Chicago for a panel discussion on Reframing Reform: Achieving Equity and Excellence in Public Education held by The Center for Tax and Budget Accountability. As you might expect, the Chicago Public School closures was a prominent part of the conversation. Jitu Brown, a parent and community organizer in Chicago, re-tweeted the following comments from

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Mouth agape: What the data tell us about school closure in Chicago

My mouth is agape. Rahmbo, the quasi-Democratic mayor of Chicago is angling to close more than 50 schools— about 11% of the district. Ingrained in the American psyche since birth is the mantra not to trust politicians. Yet, we have handed over the keys to our public schools to mayors in many large cities from Chicago to New York to Washington D.C.

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