School Closure and Race Infographic: Something fishy going on in Chicago?

As discussed in an earlier post, I travelled last week to Chicago for a panel discussion on Reframing Reform: Achieving Equity and Excellence in Public Education held by The Center for Tax and Budget Accountability. As you might expect, the Chicago Public School closures was a prominent part of the conversation. Jitu Brown, a parent and community organizer in Chicago, re-tweeted the following comments from the panel discussion about school closure.

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 7.08.56 PM

In March, CI dicussed Rhambo’s approach to school closure in the post Mouth agape: What the data tell us about school closure in Chicago. To further inform the discussion, Sylvia Jauregui, a graduate student in the Educational Policy and Planning program at UT-Austin, designed the following infographic (Also check out the early childhood infographic that was posted last week) based on CReATE’s analyses of public data. Do you notice something fishy? Please Facebook Like, Tweet, etc below to share this infographic with others.

Chicago School Closure Infographic: Is something fishy going on here?

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