CI’s First Infographic: Perks of Preschool

CI's First Infographic: Perks of Preschool

Clearly there is an infographic craze going around… They are kind of like a book with pictures. Why can’t Cloaking Inequity jump on board? So, here is a cool one about early childhood education from As discussed in an earlier post

Pre-K, a Gold Standard: “You certainly don’t get what you don’t pay for”

There are very few gold standards in the research literature. Pre-K is one of the educational policies that has demonstrative empirical evidence supporting its implementation with full-day showing more impact than half-day. For Latina/os and African Americans, Pre-K has been shown to be especially promising for closing the achievement gap. As they are apt to do on the most important issues facing our society, NEPC (National Education Policy Center) has recently released a new brief summarizing the academic and fiscal benefits of universal preschool.

So why are we still debating? It used to be that Democrats and Republicans supported high-quality early childhood education because the benefits of the approach have large returns for society relative to the investment. What changed?

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