Reformers: Competent enough to understand the data that disproves their claims

Reformers: “Competent enough to understand the data that disproves everything they claim.”

Crazy Crawfish

I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t feeling overwhelmed by all the rapid changes happening in the education sphere. I’m positive I’m not alone in feeling this way – based on the feedback, articles and correspondence I’ve been receiving from local and national groups and individuals. As I struggled to zero in on a topic where I could help or enlighten the most, something else even more screwed up would be sent to me. I’ve started and stopped work on several pieces, which may make their appearances later, but I feel the need to get my bearings again. All this crazy “stuff” (not my first word choice) needs to be sorted out and organized before I can make any more forward progress. I think the mistake I was making, and many others are probably making, is not connecting all the dots and figuring out what kind of picture they…

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  • Monty J. Thornburg, Ph.D.

    You might re-post this one and add CCSS v. NCLB and “privatization” “local control” … what does this all mean for students; particularly students who are “at risk” and those who “lack resources” … ? The changes going on now seem overwhelming!


  • Love the post!


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