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Expansive School Segregation in Texas: Predicts Accountability Rating

Although U.S. schools are more racially diverse than ever before, they are growing increasingly segregated, with African American and Latina/o students attending more segregated schools than at any time in the past 20 years (Orfield, 2009). Although current levels of school segregation are reminiscent of the pre-Brown era, the demographics of students in U.S. schools have shifted dramatically since that

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Education Spring 25,000 strong and counting

Sign The Education Declaration to Rebuild America For too long, our policymakers have engaged the nation’s schoolchildren in a grand experiment, with frequent testing, incentive programs and top-down mandates that promised much but delivered little. Today, after an education spring of protest and dissent, leading advocates, academics, and educators have come together to demand An Education Declaration to Rebuild America.

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Pawns of Industrialists and Financiers: Anti-Democracy Movement Gripping Education?

Cloaking Inequity is back! I am now stateside from a hiatus to attend meetings at the Brazilian Senate in Brasilia. I am addicted to pão de queijo. A few photos from the signing of a new collaborative agreement Brazil and the University of Texas at Austin. Speaking of the Senate… As young children, Americans are inculcated with an admiration of democracy— a

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Harkin proposal for revision of NCLB has arrived

Harkin has released his Strengthening America’s Schools Act of 2013. A re-authorization of ESEA and revision to NCLB. I will try to produce Cloaking Inequity’s analysis in the next few days. Press release: Bill: Bill summary: See Cloaking Inequity’s posts on high-stakes testing and accountability. I am in Brazil for meetings at the Senate in Brasilia, so internet and time

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