The First Review of “Reign of Error”!

Diane Ravitch’s long awaited book is on its way. The First Review of “Reign of Error”!. Neoliberals, DFER, Walton, Gates, Parent Triggerers, etc… get ready… she is coming for you. 🙂

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One comment

  • Monty J. Thornburg, Ph.D.

    Education is being “used” in the larger political arena to obstruct government. It’s being used as a Trojan Horse in my opinion. Used by those who fundamentally don’t believe in government, period. Used by a political class that is diverting energy away from the many civic challenges that school professionals, parents and their children, and civic minded school board members must confront. This political class of conservatives and libertarians fundamentally want, I believe, to use education:
    1. To argue against government period. They argue for “choice” and “privatization.”
    2. To argue against “socialist” unions, using teachers unions as straw men/women.
    3. To argue that public institutions are not accountable compared to private institutions.
    4. To argue for “values” by accusing schools of being anti-religious.
    5. To argue for competition and market oriented systems, and
    6. against the civic duty found across America to engage in democratic processes.


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