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Consider studying for your Ed.D. in Educational Leadership at California State University Sacramento. To join us in the beautiful Northern California weather and the seat of California government— click here.

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  • Cesar Chavez and Justice Denied :

    On J Street, Sacramento, many people enjoy events at the Cesar Chavez park. Today, Cesar Chavez seems to be celebrated and honored, but, is he? At the Cesar E. Chavez home and burial place in Keene, CA, just South of the San Joaquin Valley, President Obama honored him with a Proclamation in 2012. The Proclamation made his home and burial place a National Monument.


    According to the CA Human Development Report, 2011, the San Joaquin Valley Region scores 3.84 on the American Human Development Index. It’s a composite measure made up of health, education, and income indicators are expressed as a single number of 0 to 10. The score is far below that of CA as a whole: 5.46. Even far below Texas at 4.65 where your research indicated considerable inequity in recent years and I’ve watched as appropriate resistance occurred in places across Texas.

    If the San Joaquin Valley Region were a state, its score would be on par with the index of West Virginia, the bottom ranked state on the American Human Development Index. The San Joaquin Valley, the Southern part of the Great Central Valley- needs your help Dr. Vasquez to open eyes. See: (Thornburg, 2013) “Searching for Social Justice”:

    CSU Sacramento is ideally located to advance research and improve leadership outcomes for students in the San Joaquin Valley region. It is physically and politically well located to lead studies about how Inequity is Cloaked. Thanks for coming back to CA.


  • Stanford, “private prestige” and Texas, “public prestige” … both Football powers – So what? Now Sac. State, (real “authentic” prestige) and potential, … “where students from diverse backgrounds prove they are just as good as those where football power … media hype, etc., reign. Way to go, Dr. Vasquez Heilig!

    I was a history student under the late, Stephen E. Ambrose- “Eisenhower Center” “D-Day Museum” “National Humanities Award” etc., at the University of New Orleans (UNO), pre-Katrina. UNO, the poor relation to LSU – Louisiana’s Football Power always suffered the indignity, for some, that we had no football team. Professor Ambrose talked at length about why he chose UNO over Stanford, and Ivy League schools, and others when he left Kansas State University during the Viet Nam war in the 1970s.

    He accomplished authentic and great things through his leadership with historical research at UNO and I know that you’ll accomplish authentic great things with your research and efforts to continue to find the “Cloaking (of) Inequity” in Education, in these critical times for Public Education.


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