Rejecting False Claims about Education: A Primer for Journalists

dr. p.l. (paul) thomas

One thing (but not the only thing) I have learned about doing public work as an academic is that I am often positioned as the responder, and thus criticizing someone else’s claim. The result is that many are quick to refute my criticism as just that—so much griping—and those voices often demand that I offer some alternative, a valid response. Although I must note that in the mainstream media, I am often given only about 750 words and one shot at the topic.

Here, in the confines of my blog, however, I can take more time and come back to topics as often as I see fit. My recent examination of the dysfunctional relationship between journalists covering education and the field of education (see herehere, here, and here) cannot be complete, then, without offering both the central false claims that dominate how the media characterizes…

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  • antonieta edwards

    Dr. Vasquez,You might find this article interesting. Are You Ready to Join the Slow Education Movement?

    |   | |   | |   |   |   |   |   | | Are You Ready to Join the Slow Education Movement?Teacher and PBL consultant Shelley Wright offers her first draft of a Slow Education manifesto and urges other educators to join in the effort. | | | | View on | Preview by Yahoo | | | |   |

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