More than $1 billion for 56 Black charter graduates!?

I think this table is very self explanatory. Feel free to spread widely. H/t to my source that passed this along. Stop saying these large charter chains are about Black students. Just stop.


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Photo credit: IDEA public schools (but no credit because they don’t actually graduate Black students despite their optics and rhetoric)


  • Send this chart to Cardona.


  • What does percent of graduates mean? The percent of seniors who graduated on time, or something else? IDEA claims 1,447 graduates of their HS for this year’s class.


    • According to state data published in the TX Tribune, Idea charter schools have a 98.8 % graduation rate; if this is based on manufactured data or wrongly calculated, it should be exposed.


    • A quick (admittedly non-scientific) glance at IDEA’s enrollment data shows that the schools artificially boost grad rates by shedding unacceptably large numbers of students from the 9-12th grade cohort. In many IDEA schools, the 9-12 grade cohort loses from about 30%-40+% students by the time they enter 12th grade. In these examples, IDEA actually uses a 6-12 grade model for their secondary schools; predictably, the attrition rates from 6th grade onward are even worse. While I’m not as familiar with Texas schools as my home state of California, Texas uses an adjusted cohort rate to determine the 12th grade cohort. Since charters don’t normally backfill their students, the cohort just shrinks, and they can base the grad rate from a 12th grade cohort that’s almost half the size of the original. Clearly IDEA is playing this grad rate game to market their schools to unsuspecting families who have no idea that they only have about a 50% of “success” in IDEA before they are shown the door. In my opinion, any charter that boasts of having nearly 100% grad rates is following this attrition model to cherry-pick students. That is the secret sauce of IDEA’s “success”.


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