Critical Race Theory, what it is and isn’t

I sat down for a few minutes with Dr. Gerald Smith on the Eastern Standard podcast that aired on NPR WEKU to discuss Critical Race Theory (CRT), what it is and isn’t. For some, CRT has become a catch-all phrase for discussions about race, so in this podcast we discuss what CRT actually is for the general public. In this podcast we also discuss CRT and curriculum in elementary, middle and high schools. See also our study of social studies curriculum using CRT in the Harvard Education Review here. Listen below.

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One comment

  • Anita Kirkwood Jordan

    I enjoyed the podcast. Just the facts and teaching from primary documents, as Dr. Heilig suggested, is the way to expose kids. History teachers and English teachers will continue to be the ones who expose kids to works that cause k9ds to think about our humanity and inhumanity.


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