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Breaking News: Obama’s Arizona School Visit— Pot Calls Kettle Black (No Pun?)

Since I wrote Et tu America?: Race, Trayvon, and Education, I have had several discussions with friends about race. The first conversation was with a former high school classmate on Twitter. His point was that we should ignore race because we are all the same. Essentially a post-racial argument. I agree with with Chad. I do believe that our DNA is all the

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Breaking News: Kevin Welner’s Charter School Dirty Dozen

Welcome to the third installment of Cloaking Inequity’s new comic series Breaking News. Today the comic represents Kevin Welner’s “The Dirty Dozen: How Charter Schools Influence Student Enrollment. Dr. Welner is a professor of education policy at the University of Colorado Boulder School of Education and director of the National Education Policy Center. What are the dirty dozen? Welner was inspired

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Breaking News: Tony Bennett’s job offers

On Monday Cloaking Inequity discussed “Oh, crap”: Accountability is Arbitrary and Political. So how about a Breaking News comic to start the weekend? What are Tony Bennet’s current job offers? Considering his smashing success in all that he does. Please Facebook Like, Tweet, etc below and/or reblog to share this discussion with others. Want to know about Cloaking Inequity’s freshly pressed conversations

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Breaking News: Revision of NCLB— Problem Solved

Welcome to the first installment of Cloaking Inequity’s new comic series Breaking News. Today the comic represents Julian Vasquez Heilig’s new school accountability formula. For all of CI’s post on accountability click here. Also check out Community-Based Accountability a new idea for the revision of NCLB that focuses community empowerment and local control. Please Facebook Like, Tweet, etc below and/or reblog to

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