Call the War Report on Sunday 5/18 4 CST to discuss @TeachForAmerica #edreform

“The War Report”  is Dr. James Avington Miller, Jr,James_Miller_new-sm (a public education advocate, activist, professor, teacher and independent scholar) online show about the corporate war on public education and the rising public resistance movement in the war. On Sunday, we will discuss Teach For America (TFA) and their intense involvement with the corporate reformers and anything else you would like to talk about relative to TFA. The War Report is a call-in show, so please join us live at 4pm CST on 5/18/2014 for this online program. Click here for the War Report’s website and call-in #’s.

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  • It’s not the fault of the soldiers in War. By analogy, teachers/student teacher/interns/TFA, ers, in many cases shouldn’t be blamed either. Soldiers who volunteered for Vietnam, Iraq, etc., need to have their “service honored” … and … I believe this is true, also, with “most” TFA teachers.

    Unfortunately, they are used in a political power struggle, where policy battles constitute a different kind of gamesmanship or War. Other, that is than with the “Military Industrial Complex” and American hegemony, TFAers are being used in the “Educational e-Industrial Complex” with interesting hegemonic goals stated by the corporate proponents.

    Therefore, a critical deconstruction perspective is needed to uncover the “cloaked” inequity in the system and examine the meaning and purpose of education for us all.


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