Linda Darling-Hammond Storified: Enough is Known for Action!

Today in DC, Linda Darling-Hammond discussed what is known about school reform for a group of teachers convened by the NEA Foundation. She argued research, best practice, and leadership is converging perhaps as never before on a set of policy and practice levers to ensure that equity and excellence can be achieved systemically. Teachers and management are coming together in new ways, and community leadership is being increasingly brought to the table of educational decision-making. At the center of teaching quality, poverty, and neighborhood factors and heightened standards for teaching and learning lies the potential for the transformation of profession of teaching and unprecedented levels of student learning and development. Below I have included selected quotes and photos from Twitter on Storify. Twitter blasts usually get lost in the annals of Twitter history— so I turned to Storify to log the conversation. What is Storify? It “helps making sense of what people post on social media.” Users curate voices and turn them into stories.

Click the link below to follow Linda D-H’s storified education reform conversation. It’s worth the click and is a quick read. Enjoy.


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Please blame Barack Obama (for not choosing Linda as Secretary of Education) for any typos.

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Oh, and one photo blast from the past. My Ph.D. hooding by my illustrious dissertation advisor. 🙂

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  • Monty J. Thornburg, PhD

    The MCTA, Mariposa County Unified School District’s teacher union is trying to collaborate with our new Superintendent, Robin Hopper. She’s working on a doctorate at CA State University, Stanislaus. In an effort to win support for some Title I students that I think are being discriminated against i contacted Ms. Hopper and President of MCTA Lynda Kelley. I also mentioned that, you, Dr. Vasquez-Heilig now leads at CSU Sacramento having come from U. Tex. I forwarded your post (here) from Linda Darling-Hammond as a good sign that research tells us we should work together. Hopefully, this Blog, and information sent will have an impact. Worth a try- The power of the internet and Blogs!


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