Today! #WeChoose Back to School Rally for Public Education

Looking forward to speaking at the #WeChoose Back to School Rally for Public Education today on the steps of the capitol in Sacramento. Here is the official press release:

Sacramento – #WeChoose Bay Area, will be traveling to Sacramento on September 7 to make its official California debut at a rally for public education on the south steps of the state Capitol at noon, followed by speaking at the State Board of Education. Its objective? “To make sure our elected officials know that public education is an issue that we will be voting on in this year’s election,” says leader and activist Mike Hutchinson. The group is a new, pro-public school coalition of over a dozen veteran education equity organizations and community groups, anchored by the national Journey for Justice Alliance and the Oakland Public Education Network.

#WeChoose Bay Area, in addition to supporting the national #WeChoose platform, is currently focusing its efforts on fully funding education with a focus on equity, and on restoring local, democratic control to communities, by ending the charter school appeals process and supporting bills like SB 808.

Current laws and funding levels in California (the state is ranked 41st in per pupil funding), pit our children against each other in a competition over scarce educational resources. We believe that the world’s 6th largest economy, with its 144 billionaires, can and should do better, and that ALL of California’s children deserve better.

On the State Board of Education’s agenda that day, are the appeals of two charter schools which were denied by their local, democratically-elected school district, and county boards, of education. We have witnessed how the silencing of the voices and wills of local communities drain our already taxed public school system, and divide communities by setting the stage for bitter disputes over unsettled aspects of charter law. Under a bill like SB 808, the votes of local, democratically-elected officials would be the final word and local control would be restored.

According to the rally’s featured speaker, Dr. Julian Vasquez Heilig, California NAACP Education Chair, “California has not yet realized the 1954 mandate of Brown v. Board to address segregation and deep-seated education inequity. Today, more than 60 years later, schools across California are still profoundly separate and unequal based on race and class. The failure extends to disparities across the spectrum of education including curriculum, access to programs and technology, how school discipline is administered and funding. It is problematic that the state-sanctioned sabotage of human potential is readily apparent in communities across California and the nation. These issues are being amplified by the school privatization and private-control movement, which #WeChoose campaign has called the illusion of school choice.”

What: Back to School Rally for Public Education

When and Where: Friday, September 7 at noon, south Capitol steps, Sacramento.  At 1pm we will walk to the State Board of Education to oppose four charter schools up for approval on appeal.

Contact: Mike Hutchinson, Cell: (510)853-2911 Email:


Join us if you are able!

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