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Rewriting @MichelleMalkin’s bodyslam of Teach For America

Not long ago Fox News contributor and columnist Michelle Malkin issued a stinging critique of Teach For America in the New York Post entitled The militant takeover of the ‘Teach for America’ corps. I was surprised that the right was turning on Teach For America. They have been huge supporters of their temporary teacher model over the […]

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Friday Fun: DI’s Education Caption Entry Activity

How about a little education humor? A few months ago Scott McLeod posted a caption contest on Dangerously Irrelevant. Here are my entries. Feel free to include your own entries for Captions 1-12 in the comments. Caption 1: Taking the test to test for the test. See Walking Away From High Stakes Tests, A Noble Lie Caption 2: […]

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Storified: @NALEO features Clinton, Sanders and Castro et al. on Education #NALEOconf15

What do you think politicians are telling Latinos about education these days? I recently had the opportunity to hear the thinking of Sec. Hillary Clinton, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sec. Julian Castro, Dr. Ben Carson and others LIVE at the 2015 NALEO conference in Las Vegas. I attended to discuss educational policy and share research with […]

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Should we abolish educator tenure?

Is tenure still an important tradition in the 21st century? This is a debate that comes up often in my discussions with policymakers and others. It’s also an issue that is currently flaring up in Scott Walker’s Wisconsin (See What’s Gone Wrong in Wisconsin?) There is an increasing cacophony that our ancestors’ of conception of educator tenure is obsoIete. I […]

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Cloaking Inequity Crossword #1

Want to know about Cloaking Inequity’s freshly pressed conversations about educational policy? Click the “Follow blog by email” button in the upper left hand corner of this page. Also, check out the new book Teach For America Counter Narratives: Alumni Speak Up and Speak Out Twitter: @ProfessorJVH Click here for Vitae.

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Action Alert: We need to debate @TeachForAmerica and Special Education

Special Education students are one of our most exceptional student populations. Should Teach For America teachers who have had 18 hours in a classroom teach Special Education? Natomas Unified School District right here in Sacramento California will be debating this issue tomorrow (Agenda for the Board Meeting on June 10, 2015. TFA Agenda Item is XII. […]

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Act by Friday: Will your voice be heard on Leadership Policy?

Will the Council of Chief State School Officers ignore educational equity, inequality, race, class, gender, ability, language, special status, marginalization, and social justice? I recently received several letters from leaders in the field that are suggesting that this may be the case. The following letter came via email from Professor John Roberts at Penn State: Dear […]

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Who Does Gates Fund for “General Operating Support”?

Originally posted on deutsch29:
On its website, the Gates Foundation makes it clear that it often initiates contact with organizations to apply for specific grants and that it does not fund what it does not consider a Gates Foundation “priority.” The assertiveness of the Gates Foundation in funding its approved version of education reform takes on head-tilting meaning…

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Parent Trigger Testimony: A One-way Street to Private Control #SB14

Parent Trigger is a one-way street to non-democratic, private control of our public schools. During the last round of Parent Trigger law attempts, I wrote about it in the posts Parent trigger laws: Wolves in sheep’s clothing and astroturfing and The Teat: Where does parent trigger movement get their $? I flew to Texas Tuesday to testify at the Texas House of […]

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A Mystery: What do you think is happening in this classroom? #ISupportMarilyn

Visit Cloaking Inequity during the next few days to find out the story behind this video. Hints: 1) After hours 2) Social Studies classroom 3)  #ISupportMarilyn Special thanks to Defies Measurement director Shannon Puckett for the graphic effect to hide the identity of the person seen in the video. Please Facebook Like, Tweet, etc below and/or reblog […]

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.@TeachForAmerica Ground Offensive Stalling Spectacularly in California

If TFA was actually willing to reform their reform and agree to the Santa Ana principles — most of the criticism of TFA would melt away. If they won’t agree to the Santa Ana principles, we should press them on who truly is the priority?

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Does High-Stakes Testing & Accountability= Social Justice & Civil Rights?

Last week I had the opportunity to give the Social Justice Keynote for The California Association of Latino Superintendents and Administrators (CALSA) at the University of San Diego for their Sixth Annual Research to Practice Academic Conclave on May 8, 2015. CALSA is: A community of diverse educational leaders skilled in addressing the needs of Latino/a students […]

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Action Alert: @TeachForAmerica wants to Blow into Santa Ana

Are the Santa Ana winds going to blow in Teach For America tomorrow? Teach For America wants to gust into Santa Ana at a SAUSD Board meeting on 5.12.15. They want to teach special education, one of our most vulnerable exceptional populations. I received this letter from a concerned teacher and special education parent from Santa […]

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Local Accountability: Community Input in Education Funding

Will a community-based approach to accountability and school funding work? This piece will contain a lot of acronyms and include some of my insights on the implementation of Local Accountability. I’m a classroom teacher in Sacramento City Unified School District, and large urban local in California (43,000 students, 38% are English Learners, and over 60% […]

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Happy Mothers Day!!: The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree

Happy Mothers’ Day Mom. All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother. Abraham Lincoln

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Free Latina/o networking and knowledge event at the University of Maryland

Last call to attend this year’s Latino Legacy Weekend in DC during Memorial Day weekend! I attended the free networking and knowledge event when it was at Stanford, Northwestern and UT-Austin. I will attend again this year at the University of Maryland. For more info visit You can register here Please Facebook Like, Tweet, etc below and/or […]

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A Must See: @IamJohnOliver on @LastWeekTonight Exposes the Insanity of Standardized Tests

[Tests] are the fastest way to terrify any child with five letters outside of just whispering the word ‘clown.’ Also read more: See also Who’s the William Wallace of testing: @JessedHagopian or Liz King? and “Opt out now”: The Seattle NAACP revives the legacy W.E.B Du Bois, demands an end to Common Core testing For all of Cloaking Inequity’s posts on […]

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Who’s the William Wallace of testing: @JessedHagopian or Liz King?

Yesterday, Liz King, a Teach For America alum and policy analyst for The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, led 12 civil rights organizations into a national battle against student and parents. She loves testing. Liz King believes taking a test is a “civil right” you are required to have. In contrast, hundreds of thousands of […]

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