Vicious Wolf attacks Diane Ravitch

NEPC responds to a vicious (and inaccurate) Wolf attack on Ravitch. I have posted photos of the pages in question where Dr. Wolf (or someone) changed the data he reported…



Diane Ravitch's blog

Yesterday, Patrick Wolf published a vitriolic attack on me and on the National Education Policy Center.

This was in response to a post I had published saying that vouchers had failed in Milwaukee. They are supposed to “save minority students from failing schools,” but they do no better and sometimes worse than public schools. I cited Wolf’s evaluation, state test scores (which showed no edge for voucher students), and the fact that 75% of the voucher students in his study did not remain in the voucher schools to graduate. The 75% attrition rate appears in Wolf’s report. I did not know that he subsequently lowered the attrition rate to 56%, although that too is a pretty staggering attrition rate. I also noted that Wolf recently wrote an editorial in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune chastising his home state of Minnesota for not requiring more school choice. This caused me to question his…

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