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Los Chistes: Party with Teach (Drink/Sleep) For America

Drink For America (DFA). Two free drinks to start and “learn” about the “Achievement” School District (ASD is modeled on Louisiana’s approach— see LA and the Recovery School District approach (SB1718): A P.T. Barnum Circus)

Helps to explain the TFA alums stories about the alternative moniker Sleep for America (SFA)!?. 🙂


Los Chistes=Just a little bit of fun on a Saturday at the expense of TFA. 🙂

For all of Cloaking Inequity’s posts on Teach For America go here.

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About Dr. Julian Vasquez Heilig (713 Articles)
Julian Vasquez Heilig is an award-winning researcher and teacher. He is currently a Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and the Director of the Doctorate in Educational Leadership at California State Sacramento.

1 Comment on Los Chistes: Party with Teach (Drink/Sleep) For America

  1. Eric Ruiz Bybee // September 28, 2013 at 4:36 pm // Reply

    Hi Dr. Heilig,

    I’m a PhD student at the UT College of Ed and a fan of your blog. I thought you might be interested to know that starting next month the journal Critical Education will be publishing a series of issues on Teach for America practices, procedures, outcomes, and impacts. An article I wrote on TFA teachers and cultural knowledge will be published in the December issue:

    As a corps member who now considers myself part of the “alumni resistance,” I appreciate your willingness to take on the TFA behemoth without pulling any punches. Keep up the good work!


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