Will you answer the call for democracy and education?

My entire life I have been inspired by the 1963 March on Washington. If I close my eyes, I can see and hear Martin Luther King Jr. delivering the I Have a Dream speech. Our generation must, we MUST continue the social change that this nation requires. The 2016 SOS Coalition People’s March for Public Education & Social Justice occurred on the step of the Lincoln Memorial on July 8.

coalition of grassroots groups, union organizations, and activists gathered to organize and march for:

Full, equitable funding for all public schools; safe, racially just schools and communities; community leadership in public school policies; professional, diverse educators for all students; child-centered, culturally appropriate curriculum for all; and no high-stakes standardized testing!  

It was incredible to be a part of the mass gathering of children and adults who rallied and marched in support of education and social justice this summer!

In my speech at the Lincoln Memorial I implored those listening to answer the call for democracy and education. I also asked attendees to press for community-based solutions in education policy.

My Great Grandmother Z. Louise Scott was at the 1963 March on Washington. In fact, she also heard the I Have a Dream Speech when it was given first in Detroit by Dr. King. So, I was very emotional when I started the speech, you can probably hear my voice cracking.

But her memory, and remembering her attendance on the mall more than 50 years ago gave me the strength to give the most important speech of my life to date.

You can see all of the speeches given at the Lincoln Memorial here at School House Live. Speakers included: Diane Ravitch, Jonathan Kozol, Rev. William J. Barber II,Jamaal Bowman, Denisha Jones, Ruth Rodriguez, Bishop John Selders, Youth Dreamers, Jesse Hagopian, Gus Morales, Brett Bigham, United Opt Out, Julian Vasquez Heilig, Yohuru Williams, Lisa Rudley, Jitu Brown, Dyett Hunger Strikers, Tanaisa Brown, Barbara Madeloni, Sam Anderson, Mike Klonsky, Michelle Gunderson, Jeremy Dudley, Barry Lane, Family von BATs, The BAT Band, Terry Moore, DC Labor Chorus

After the event at the Lincoln Memorial. We marched to the ellipse next to the South Lawn of the White House.

God brought the rain just after we started marching to cool off a sultry DC summer day.

It was invigorating to march and organize with so many incredible Americans from all over the United States.

“This is what democracy looks like.”


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  • Some days I have to remind myself that the boycott against segregated buses lasted over a year….day after hard, hard day those who supported that movement had no foresight to see when it might (if ever) end. Faith is all. “My feet are weary, but my soul is resting.” THANK YOU FOR LEADING.


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