Education Reformers Running Rampant in Oakland (Vote for Sean)

The top-down, private control education reform supporters are currently running rampant in Oakland. The district is even led by a Broad trained superintendent. I have made several trips to Oakland at the request of community members to discuss what is occurring in their city.

You can watch two of the conversations here and here.

As a result, I fully support Sean Dugar for Oakland NAACP president. Elect Sean for a new community-based vision for education for Oakland.

If you live or work in Oakland, Emeryville, Alameda. Please join the Oakland NAACP today! Only those who are dues paying members can vote in the upcoming Oakland NAACP election. Become a member before October 9th. Click here to join.

Also, please help spread the word about Sean. Send a text, email, tweet or post to 5 friends that live or work in Oakland, Emeryville, Alameda urging them to join our movement by becoming members of the Oakland NAACP.

What better way to introduce Sean to your friends than in-person? Invite your friends, colleagues, and neighbors to hear Sean’s vision for justice, equality, and the NAACP! Email him at


I have had many debates with Sean Dugar over the past few years, and I believe he would be an excellent choice for Oakland NAACP president.

Why would he be an excellent leader for the Oakland NAACP?

  • Third generation East Bay native

  • More than 14 years of active membership in the NAACP.

  • Fully Paid Life Member of the Oakland NAACP.

  • Served in leadership roles at the local and state levels of the NAACP including State Youth & College Division President as well as 4 years on the national staff of the NAAC

What will he do as NAACP President?


  • Increase the visibility of the Oakland NAACP by having a community office with staffed office hours.

  •  Increase transparency on financing, issue positions, and Oakland NAACP operations.


  • Ensure the Oakland NAACP and its members are at the forefront of Oakland’s fights for Black Lives, Police Accountability, A Coal-Free City, Expanded Reentry Opportunities, Affordable Housing, Education, POC Ownership in the Cannabis Industry and a living wage for all Oakland.


  • Seek to be a consensus builder amongst community organization

  • Bring the resources of the NAACP to build a better Oakland.

Learn more about Sean’s campaign:

If you do not live live or work in Oakland, Emeryville, Alameda. Please encourage your friends and colleagues to join the Oakland NAACP and elect Sean for a new vision for education for Oakland!

Also, check out Not Special Education, a Truth For America podcast about the experience of special education corps members in Oakland.


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