Wikileaks Provide Insight into @HillaryClinton and #Education

So Wikileaks happened thanks to the Russians and whoever else. There is lots of talk in the current presidential election about a variety of topics emanating from the purportedly leaked emails on Wikileaks. However, I haven’t seen much conversation about the the content of the leaks that is relevant to education policy. So I did a quick search of Wikileaks and have included some of my favorite tidbits of information below. If other information grabs you in the emails, please leave your thoughts in the comments.

  1. A proposed meeting with “education reformers” who are “$$ and substance.” My favorite line: Podesta: “Not sure we can reassure them.”


2. Campaign folks recommending that HRC stand strong with teachers and unions on Friederichs v. CTA case. My favorite line: A proposed tweet “The ability to organize & bargain collectively is a fundamental American right. Proud to stand with unions & working families.”


3. Working behind the scenes on behalf of pensions and other issues with NEA after endorsement. My favorite line: Ann O’Leary says to NEA, “Here’s to the great start of a real partnership!”


4. Debating student debt and pushing against “free” college. My favorite line: “We need to make a quality education affordable and available to everyone willing to work for it – without saddling them with decades of debt.”


5. Response to the New York Times article about Education Reform. The most interesting part of this exchange came at the end: “Ann O’Leary talked to Maggie for the story, and said the following: “I think it will be different than the Obama administration in the sense that the both teachers union and the reformers will really fell like they have her ear in a way they haven’t in the last [six years].” Since it’s not exactly the message we’re going for I wanted to flag it. Ann feels terrible about it.” I wonder what message they wanted to communicate?


6. Charter school consultant reaches out to Ann O’Leary. Consultant asks that someone from the campaign visit their charter schools because of critical “comments” about charter schools and “to answer any questions about further details on this complicated policy issue.”



Those darn Russians.

A few others in case you are interested.

Outline of HRC’s K-12 agenda

Big money from NEA to Victory Fund

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  • Homeless Educator

    On another note, it’s interesting to see from these emails that people in the Democratic party today DO realize that their base is still liberal Democrats, not the GOP lite “centrists” that have been running the party ever since Bill Clinton’s administration. I’ve often wondered how many of them think of us the same way as Chicago mayor Rahm Emanual, who called us “f*cking retarded” when he was Obama’s White House Chief of Staff. When a party that’s supposed to be representing the least advantaged and downtrodden characterizes their base like that, it’s no wonder they don’t stand up for the few workers left in labor unions and they instituted right wing neoliberal economic policies in favor of their wealthy owners. Since they have ignored us for so long, and along with Republicans, they have allowed the super-rich to become an entrenched ruling class, they should be ousted immediately. It makes me want to shout to others in the base, “Wake up, get your heads out of the sand and vote these bozos out of office already!”


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  • One of my favorites is, “…staying more at platitudes….” It ties up the entire mess.

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