Network for Public Education DeVos/Trump toolkit

I received an email from Carol Burris, Executive Director of the Network for Public Education. She asked if I would share this important toolkit for the upcoming confirmation of Betsy DeVos at the Secretary of Education.
You are someone who understands the vital role that public education plays in democracy. You understand that a patchwork quilt of for-profit charters, charter chains, online schools, and vouchers schools cannot work in a democracy. You understand that public schools will be starved and become the “dumping ground” for children no one wants.
Which brings us to Betsy DeVos, who has made it clear that only the “free market” matters, not quality. She claims to be on a mission from God.  That is extremism we cannot have at the helm of our education system.
During the next few months the Network for Public Education will be involved in a campaign to accomplish the above. Here is a link to our toolkit. 
It is designed to use the holiday recess as a time when Senators are bombarded with pressure to vote no on DeVos.
It provides sample letters, phone scripts and a letter to the editor.
We will be tracking how many engage in these actions so that we have feedback on effectiveness to share with other organizations.
Our senate email campaign motivated near 100k to send an email. But that was easy, these actions take more time. However, they are also far more effective.
Take the time to do them yourself and then share the link. Post the link everywhere.  There will be future NPE Actions. This is our first and we will learn from it. Trump will pass. But if he destroys public education that will undermine our Democracy for generations.
Here is that link again 🙂


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