Breaking News: Donald Trump fired Betsy DeVos this morning on Twitter

I just saw this this tweet from Donald Trump! As it was rumored recently, Betsy DeVos has finally been fired!


Who do you think Trump will nominate next for Secretary of Education now that DeVos is on her way out the door? Michelle Rhee? Rhee was said to be in the running the last time around and the rumor was that she was seen leaving the White House during the transition. Do you think Trump might even consider appointing Linda Darling-Hammond because Obama decided against her? Considering the fact that Trump is wanting to kill Obamacare again in recent days, perhaps he might see this as the ultimate slight.

Why the firing today? Perhaps because DeVos thinks huge class sizes are good for children—watch Anthony Cody in the background after she fumbles around and makes this fact-free statement,

or inability to answer questions,

or answering questions inanely,

or general disinterest and lack of knowledge about education,

I bet she got brownie points for doing this,

and this,

Alas, Betsy DeVos is no longer the U.S. Secretary of Education. At least until tomorrow. #FakeNews

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