Peter Cunningham Leaves EdPost CEO Position to… Citizen Stewart(?)

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In 2014, billionaire Eli Broad approached former US ed sec Arne Duncan crony and assistant, Peter Cunningham, to create a multi-million-dollar-funded blog, Education Post.

New Orleans-based ed reformer, Christ Stewart (known as Citizen Stewart), was a founding member of EdPost; according to EdPost’s 2014, 2015, and 2016 tax forms (note that EdPost’s formal name is Results in Education Foundation, or RIEF), Stewart was compensated a total of $422,925 for 30 months at 40 hrs/wk in his role as “outreach and external affairs director.”

That is some blog.

IMG_1478 Chris Stewart

In October 2018, Cunningham became campaign manager for Chicago mayoral candidate, Bill Daley. There was a runoff, and Daley wasn’t part of it.

So, now what for Cunningham?

Not the CEO position of EdPost. Cunningham plans to remain on the EdPost board even as Chris Stewart becomes CEO.

In researching Chris Stewart’s EdPost history for this…

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