Texas: Public Schools Outperform Charter Schools

Here’s an interesting counternarrative.

Diane Ravitch's blog

William Gumbert relies on data from the Texas State Education Departmentvto demonstrate they the state’s woefully underfunded public schools outperform the well-funded overhyped charter schools.

The real puzzle in Texas and elsewhere is why billionaires and financiers continue to fund failure.

See the analysis here.

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  • I am learning more and more about Charter Funding and the monies that flow through the the managing companies that become a separate arm of the funding. Having worked in impressive charter school, I am troubled by the profits that have resulted to some of the founding members. I am not averse to profits and socially conscious capitalism, I still ahve trouble with the amount of profits made on public monies. Can’t Charters be funded in transparent ways, remaining not for profit, yet able to benefit when students’ needs are met? Looking forward to attending the upcoming conference to learn more and effect change for children denied their civil rights!


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