The Brainwaves Video Anthology

Recently, Bob Greenberg, a retired teacher reached out to me about the The Brainwaves Video Anthology. He relayed:

I am filming the “best and brightest” minds in education, the thinkers and doers: Noam Chomsky, Elijah Anderson, Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, Henry Louis Gates Jr., Cornel West, Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Molefi Kete Asante, Ken Burns, Bill Ayers, Jonathan Jansen, Eddie Glaude, Jr., Carol Dweck, Elizabeth Loftus, Linda Darling Hammond, Daniel Kahneman, Thomas L. Friedman, Pedro Noguera, David Kirkland, Jonathan Haidt, Timothy Snyder, James Comer, Paul Bloom, Robert Sternberg, Walter Mischel, Sir Ken Robinson, Nolan Bushnell, Adam Grant, Daniel Pink and Jerome Bruner.

His interviews have over 4 million views in 234 countries. 

His audience is teachers and school leaders and they are available on YouTube to all free of charge. We filmed three less than 5-minute videos as a part of this resource. 

Julian Vasquez Heilig Critical Race Theory

Julian Vasquez Heilig Community Based Education Reform

Julian Vasquez Heilig Teachers Make a Difference – Tom Heslop

Here are some other examples of from the The Brainwaves Video Anthology:

Noam ChomskyOn Being Truly Educated

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. 42 Million Ways to Be Black

Cornel WestRace Matters in Education

David E. KirklandCritical Race Theory

Walter MischelThe Marshmallow Test

Ken BurnsUNUM – Many Stories, One Nation 

He also asked other respondents to tell hin in a minute or two about that one special teacher who made a difference in their life. Here are several examples.

Jonathan Kozol On Fred Rogers

Gloria Ladson-Billings 60 Seconds with Gloria Ladson-Billings

Daniel KahnemanOn Yeshayahu Leibowitz

Yong Zhao 60 Seconds with Yong Zhao

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One comment

  • Dear Julian: It’s been many years since I was a regular visitor to your Cloaking Inequity site. Your CRT post is right on! The year before Covid-19 hit, and Biden came to S.C. for the primary election. I attended a series of community seminar sessions in Charlotte, NC, where we (in group study) went through M. Alexander’s “The New Jim Crow” (2010) book. The organization utilizes the reader to understand where civil rights and social justice action is needed! Particularly concerning previously incarcerated people. When Biden came to nearby S.C., so did Trump, to troll him. Trump declared that Covid-19 was “a democratic hoax” and bashed CRT. The removal of the John C. Calhoun statue from the pedestal in the center of Charleston, S.C., upset Trump and Sen. Graham and their followers. These CRT moments for persons like myself, a former history and civics teacher, are essential “truth-telling” connections for high school students. “Keep on keeping on,” Julian. I wish you well; as I can tell, watching you in your video presentation after being away for a while is tiring. As was said after the CA recall election, the cult of “Trumpism is not dead.” Best.


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