Voted “Media Mogul” by Peers and Welcome Frank!

After this past weekend’s depressing news in the post Trump Administration Forcing Detained Children to Attend Online, For-Profit Charter School? How about something a little lighter? Last week, the California State University Sacramento College of Education held our annual retreat to kick off the school year! The leadership team of the college added a few awards to recognize faculty for their “achievements.” Here are the awards:

  • The Night Owl
  • Committee Connoisseur
  • The Media Mogul
  • Devil’s Advocate
  • Social Butterfly
  • The Weekend Warrior
  • Best Work-Life Balance
  • The Mother (or Father) Hen
  • Our Che Guevara of COE

44192921842_154d3eaa42_o (1)

So I was honored to be voted by faculty and staff of the College of Education as “media mogul”

This might not have been the best part of the award… because I was hard at work earning the moniker on my social media during the retreat— really hard at work. Here I am on my iPhone busted by the photographer of the event (who incidentally runs the social media for my program office) here:


Maybe she just wanted to underscore the point with a close up.


The president of the university once asked me when I have time to write my academic articles because I often tweet so prolifically. Well, it’s like climbing a rope in gym class whiles hula hooping at the same time or standing on a soccer ball and spinning three plate simultaneously.

One cool announcement. The California State University Sacramento Docotrate in Educational Leadership is also proud to announce that we’ve hired Frank Adamson from Stanford’s SCOPE to join us as a tenure track faculty member. He’s been working with Linda Darling-Hammond there for quite some time (Check out the post EDUCATION HEALTH ALERT!: UNITED NATIONS WARNS GERMS SPREADING WORLDWIDE #NN15). Here we are introducing him to the College. Welcome Frank!


We have already put him to work. Here’s a new collabo that is coming soon.

Have a great week!

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