If You Answer Yes to These Questions, You should do this.

Do you agree with each of the following questions?

  • Should we increase funding for early education programs?
  • Should we support legislation written by leaders to provide millions of dollars to school districts to keep kids in school and out of the criminal justice system?
  • Should we provide financial resources for youth in foster care have the opportunity to go to college?
  • Should we shift money from criminal justice system into early education and after school programs?
  • Should we expand school-based health, mental health, and social service programs to remove the barriers that impede the ability of many of our students to learn.
  • Should states allocate resources for housing for teachers and other incentives to attract and retain more great teachers?
  • Should we seek to keep our students safe from gun violence in schools?
  • She we have transparency and accountability for ALL schools that receive public education funding?
  • Should we create inclusive schools that protect LGBTQ students from bullying
  • Should we prioritize early education and afterschool programs to close the achievement gap.
  • Should we have have leaders of color representing communities of color in statewide elected offices that determine education decisions?
  • Should we support candidates that have millions being spent against them in an election by the charter school industry and billionaire boys club members?
  • Should we support candidates that who platform explicitly call out the privatization and private control policies in education led by Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos?
If you believe that this is a progressive agenda that will allow California to lead a community-driven education reform renaissance. Please join with me tomorrow and support our fundraiser for Tony Thurmond. He’s up against Marshall Tuck, a former charter operator and ally of private control and privatizer education reformers. We need folks to support candidates that are at the top of the education ticket in California and elsewhere. If we want to realize a vision of education that includes the principles above, please do this right now: Please join me by either RSVPing (aaron@tonythurmond.com) for the event at 5 pm on Thursday Oct 30th at AC Public Affairs (1215 K St, Sacramento, CA 95814) in downtown Sacramento or giving a donation of any size here. Please don’t delay, please commit to this progressive agenda right now. You know what they say, as California goes, so goes the nation.
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