Brett Kavanaugh is RADICAL and WRONG! @SenBooker says “BRING IT!”

This guy Kavanaugh doesn’t even cloak his beliefs about inequity. In the documents released by @SenBooker today, Brett Kavanaugh wrote that the “desire to remedy societal discrimination” in our society was not a “compelling interest” of the government. This guy is radical and wrong. You can see the rest of the documents the Republicans did not want you to see here. I am not a Booker fan due to his support of vouchers and charter schools, but I APPLAUD him for going Sparticus today! Booker tells Cornyn “BRING IT!”

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 11.09.27 AM

Also, he mentions Croson. But his statement clearly goes beyond Croson which was about municipal contract set asides. His thinking would also likely overturn Fisher and Grutter.

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