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Is school improvement a myth?

In the discussions of reauthorizing NCLB almost no one is talking about whether the school is the right unit of accountability. And that’s because we continue to assume that schools are the problem and they can be fixed. But what if school improvement was found to be a myth? —- It’s really hard to convince […]

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Will you stink up the privatization garden party with me?

The fix is in folks. We need a war against the ultra wealthy who believe they have a right control everything our government does in education and elsewhere. At the Cambridge Forum lecture that I gave in Harvard Square at the First Parish (Unitarian Universalist) on March 8, 2015 I discussed the role of wealthy in education reform and the […]

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Bloomberg and Rahmbo: Sleight of Hand Artists

During the 2011 Chicago mayoral campaign, one candidate received the one largest single donation during the race.  That candidate was Rahm Emanuel, and the $6 million dollar donation was given by Michael Bloomberg. This was also the largest amount that Bloomberg donated in 2011 towards a mayoral race. Emanuel went on to win the election, […]

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Infographic Debunking School Closure Meme

Education officials from Chicago to Austin have used a variety of justifications to defend school closures, but most of these justifications don’t hold up to scrutiny when examining the data. Here is an infographic that summarizes what the evidence from past and current closures says.   Please Facebook Like, Tweet, etc below and/or reblog to […]

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School Turnaround: Calling the Bluff of Accountability?

After successive years of failing to meet high-stakes testing and accountability mandates required by NCLB (2002), schools across the nation have undergone numerous restructuring practices in an effort to “turnaround” their failure. When schools fail to demonstrate AYP and receive successive years of unacceptable accountability ratings, NCLB stipulates additional sanctions be applied to the school […]

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LA and the Recovery School District approach (SB1718): A P.T. Barnum Circus

I suspect P.T. Barnum would be proud of the showmanship eminating from Louisiana— an educational policy circus. The Recovery School District has been acclaimed as “a game changer for New Orleans” and very likely today be up for a vote in the Texas House in Senate Bill 1718— and perhaps soon in a Legislature near you. […]

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New Orleans’ Recovery School District: The Lie Unveiled

Originally posted on deutsch29:
Yesterday, I was watching a video clip of the 2011 Aspen Institute debate between Wendy Kopp and Diane Ravitch.  In a final effort to defend corporate reform, Kopp tells the audience, “I encourage everyone to see for yourself, study for yourself… New Orleans….” I intend to take Kopp up on her…

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Dear Jennifer: Dissent is the Vibrancy of our Democracy

In the mid-1990s I lived in an asian country for five months. I won’t say which here on my blog, because I don’t want their censors to find this blog and ban me from entering the country. If you are curious which country, go to my vita and look for the fellowship that I received […]

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Frank Convo with KIPP’s Mike Feinberg: Do you call BS?

I had a coffee conversation with Mike Feinberg yesterday. About two weeks ago Mike Feinberg contacted me via email about one of my posts on Cloaking Inequity. He related that he wanted to clarify the conversation about KIPP’s funding. I agreed to meet with him at the Blanton Museum Café at UT-Austin for a coffee […]

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School Closure and Race Infographic: Something fishy going on in Chicago?

As discussed in an earlier post, I travelled last week to Chicago for a panel discussion on Reframing Reform: Achieving Equity and Excellence in Public Education held by The Center for Tax and Budget Accountability. As you might expect, the Chicago Public School closures was a prominent part of the conversation. Jitu Brown, a parent and community organizer in […]

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More: Obama facing school “turnaround” civil rights complaints

In case you wondering the genesis of Wednedays’s quote… my favorite critical barracker on Linkedin had this to say about Cloaking Inequity’s last turnaround post: I find your headlines and general approaches for displaying issues a bit too disingenuous and misleading and superficial. The least you can do, in this case, is describe “turn-around schools” […]

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Obama facing school “turnaround” civil rights complaints

Justice: Title VI, 42 U.S.C. § 2000d et seq., was enacted as part of the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964. It prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, and national origin in programs and activities receiving federal financial assistance. I was asked to contribute to a Title VI complaint filed against Texas by […]

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NEPC: Turnarounds “More Likely to Cause Upheaval Than to Help”

I am very fortunate to be at a AERA Division L meeting with many esteemed education policy faculty, including Tina Trujillo, professor at UC-Berkeley. At dinner yesterday, she gave me the heads-up on a new policy and legislative brief that she authored for NEPC examining school turnaround. The brief is entitled Democratic School Turnarounds: Pursuing Equity […]

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