Betsy DeVos and Trump are WRONG: What We Know About School Privatization #NPE17CA

Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos have claimed that charters and vouchers are better options for students than public schools. The research tell us that she is wrong.

The year 2017 marked the 4th annual Network for Public Education (NPE) national conference in Oakland, California. We joined with friends and allies to learn, share and prepare for the challenges that lie ahead during an administration that wants to privatize our schools. Public education is the pillar of our democracy. Advocate for equitable, democratically governed public schools for America’s children. In our keynote panel, we discussed why Betsy Devos and Trump are WRONG and what we know about school privatization. Listen to four outstanding scholars talk about what we know about school privatization in the United States and beyond:

Tweets from this keynote panel:

The youth from the Californians for Justice non-profit also presented at the NPE conference on the organizing work they that are involved in. I hope I can get them to Sacramento State soon to help us created a city-wide student council.

At the Journey 4 Justice session I was floored to take a selfie with the Chicago Dyett High School hunger strikers.

My annual NPE conference photos with Diane Ravitch. (Rocking the Kap jersey with a suit)

The NPE conference also featured an incredible presentation by Dr. Dale Allender and Dr, Nolan Cabrera about the ethnic studies movements in California and Arizona.

Also check out the LIVE broadcast of the Teach For America podcast at the NPE conference.

Here’s the YouTube of the podcast:

I also was floored by the Nikole Hannah-Jones keynote. She is a recent receipt of the 2017 MacArthur Foundation genius award. Here a few of my tweets from the keynote.

These are just a few highlights from the 2017 NPE conference. See you next year!

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